EVA has escaped

She finds herself on a strange planet unsure of who her captors are or even why she is there.

She’s been gifted or cursed with the ability to regenerate even after death. Someone is helping her, but who ~ and why?  

Secured to her wrist is a SPAWN unit with an AI that provides her with a new innovation to help her evade her unseen captors, deal with the terrain, and elude whatever else lurks in the tunnels. EVA will not go down without a fight – no matter how many times she has to die. 


- Running game

- Beat the clock to make it to the next level

- Die before the timer and you will have failed – forcing you to start from the beginning



W – To jump obstacles

W - Hold down the key to go faster

E  –  To fire up the jetpack

Enter – To engage your gunner


This is our first game! Built by a 10-year old beginning game developer!

It was so much fun putting this together for Go Godot Jam 3!  BUG ALERT! We ran into some time management issues...but intend to fix them and make it a great game. We hope you enjoy just this tidbit for now.

THANKS ---  

Infraction for the inspirational music.

Nectanebo for the parallax background that got us thinking about the game.

Godot for the amazing and powerful game engine to play around and build stuff.


We plan to revise and update this into a full game – so stay tuned!


  • Controls for acceleration
  • Add some creepy crawly bosses to the levels
  • Give it a proper ending

Connect with us

Instagram: @skylabgames7

Do not resist 

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorSkylab Games
Tagsrunning, Singleplayer


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Wow. This is perfect I'll play it tommorow but by looking on the itch page it looks well. By a proper gaming company and stuff

Thanks! We are completely revamping this game. Lots of bugs and broken shrapnel. Stay tuned though...we are going to reload 2.0 soon.

You welcome! Cool!

I am confused about the gameplay loop but the art and music is really well made.

This was made for a Godot Jam and we ran out of time to test properly. Lots of bugs and definitely a work in progress. But we plan to fix, tweek and update this game. Thanks for the feedback!

Wow this looks amazing i love the art and music!!! and 10 years old made this no way thats insane :)

Thanks. I really appreciate that you took the time to comment. Thanks again for the positive feedback!